Hip-Hop artist Gibrilville is out to make a name for himself in the music industry and his work is standing out.After dropping off his record "Trial & Error" featuring fellow artist Nathaniel a few weeks ago, Gibrilville is back with this video for his record "Open Up". Gibrilville takes us through his streets in this one and deliveries witty bars with this record. Gibrilville’s project ‘Black Cadillac Season 3’ coming later this summer.

Take a moment and watch Gibrilville’s new video "Open Up" above. Get familiar with Gibrilville’s sound and movement.

I'm digging this record here! Hip-Hop artist Gibrilville is out to make a name for himself in the music industry and his work is standing out.

Today, Gibrilville is turning heads with the visual to his latest record "Trial & Error" featuring fellow artist Nathaniel. Gibrilville video for his record "Trial & Error" was shot by Mike the Loop and is featured on Gibrilville's project ‘Black Cadillac Season 3' coming later this summer. The record was produced by DJ Pain 1.

Take a moment and watch Gibrilville's new video "Trial & Error" above. Get familiar with Gibrilville's sound and movement by checking out his video "Screwface" below.

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Dig this cut! Gibrilville keeps it completely real on the mic through lyrics & bars that dive deep into the personal, putting this artist out there in a humble & honest way that's bound to connect to a whole bunch of y'all out there. You can hear the passion & focus in his delivery - Gibrilville lays out the details of the struggle and the strength it takes to rise above it all. Combined with the inspired hooks from featured guest Nathaniel singing loud & proud - this collaboration succeeds on creating an empowering & lasting vibe by being unafraid to look inwards and tell it like it really is. At the end of the day, with songwriting that capitalizes strongly on its theme, killer shots & scenery in the video supporting their new single, and talent on the mic that is extremely inviting to listen to - "Trial & Error" highlights the fact that success might not be achieved overnight, but if you do what you love & give it everything you got, you'll get there.

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Gibril continues to break new grounds in the American Hip Hop industry by teaming up with one of the hottest producers in the game DJ Pain 1. Gibril introduces us to his alter ego SCREWFACE917 and does not fail to captivate his fans line by line with his lyrical skills and simplicity. Backed by a heavy trap production by Dj Pain 1 and his band Gibrilville, this single is no doubt a club banger.Black Star line's President and Owner Coptic put the collaboration together. This is the first single off "Black Cadillac Season 3" his current project soon to be released this summer

Black cadillac season 2 wins 3rd Akademia award


Black Cadillac Season 2. Out now.

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Black Cadillac Season 2 has begun!

Black Cadillac Season 2 showcases 3 different genres of music written as love songs. Hip-hop, Alternative and Reggae music.

Love me tonight is the perfect blend of all 3 genres.

Black Cadillac Season 2 tells my love story. My Girlfriend Jessica and I met 6 years ago in NYC. We first met in Accra (Ghana) in the early 92. We have been through so much trials and tribulations and stuck by each other no matter what obstacle came our way. The first single "Love me tonight" was written for her.

Dear Gibrilville,

We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Reggae EP for Black Cadillac Season 1 in the September 2016 Akademia Music Awards! This is an important achievement and you should be very proud of your accomplishments! We are pleased to present you with your permanent award certificate:



Black Cadillac Season 1. (Artwork and press release.)

Gibril continues to assert himself as a trailblazer in the creative world. He has finished working on his new album called BLACK CADILLAC SEASON 1. Recorded by Jake Palumbo aka The District Selectman, Producer, Engineer, Emcee, and Founder  of  TheRealSpaceLAB

Album features 

1."Microphone" Feat. Sena: Singer Sena Dagadu aka "Sena" of the hit song 'Skolom'.An alluring combination of Marcia Griffiths, Neneh Cherry, and Nina Simone. Sena is a Ghanaian-Hungarian singer/rapper also known for her band Irie Maffia and collaborations with FOKN Bois. This song features production by Qc funk and Gibrilville.

2."Freedom" Feat. Sara Jecko: Born and bred in NYC,Sara Jecko is a dynamic, open, and intuitive actress and musician. Sara Jecko's professional musical life began with a cover of Marvin Gaye's ... Sara is an actress ( film, theater, new media), a trained jazz guitarist. She and Gibril join vocals on Freedom produced by Gibrilville records.

3."Kings & Queens" feat Wyre: Kevin Wyre (stage name Wyre) is a R&B and reggae musician from Kenya known from the groups Necessary Noize and East African Bashment Crew, as well as a solo artist. Produced by Gibrilville Records and Epjr.

4."A Long Way" Feat "5 outta 12": The lead single to the album  "A long way" is a reggae song feat Brooklyn base reggae band "5 outta 12" led by Ras Abda and kicker jackson. Production by "5 otta 12" and Gibrilville Records.

Live Music Production:
•Aya Kato - Piano
•Faton Macula - Electric Guitar
•Mike Greeves and Kicker Jackson - Drums
•Chelsea Baratz - Horns & flute
•Gordon Rubin - Horns & flute
•Anthony George aka"Ras Abda" - baseline.

Music Production Credits: Qc funk and Epjr

Gibrilville brings together some of New York City's finest musicians to play on the album. The album is mixed by Commissioner "Commissioner Gordon" Williams and will be released like a mini series with 4 Episodes on each season. It will be released exclusively via Africology Media for live streaming on SoundCloud.


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